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Upload files via console


To receive files or text strings from your Linux or macOS command line interface into this webpage wall use the curl snippet below.

Upload File

curl -X POST -F f=@"./FILENAME" 



Upload text file for browser display

curl -X POST -F f=@"./FILENAME.txt" 

About SkyPaste

Developed by John Pili, SkyPaste started out as a simple tool to transfer plain text string from one computer to another. Its objective is to provide incognito transfer of plain text or file without the hassle of login.

Your Files and Security

Files you sent using this service are not kept or duplicated. Once the file has been downloaded it is deleted from the server. Also files are removed (deleted) once the sender or the receiver disconnected from the server or regenerated a SkyPaste ID.

Connection between your computer browser (HTTP client) and server are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer security. All your uploaded files or sent plain text are protected agains eavesdropping.

File Upload size and limitation

You can upload a single file up to 50MB or a set of files that are less than or equals 50MB.

SkyPaste ID

By default, every time you load the website into your browser it generates new random SkyPaste ID. If you wish to have a more customized or permanent SkyPaste ID, please wait for the next release where you can register for an ID.

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