About SkyPaste.com

SkyPaste.com started in 2017 as a websocket configuration file transfer tool. It is first used to transfer Linux config files from SUSE Linux to a web browser in Windows. Developed by a Filipino software developer while working in PSI Incontrol Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. SkyPaste.com now evolves into a Pastebin like website with websocket text sharing and file sharing features.


Our objective is to provide plaintext, peer-to-peer, and file sharing tool online. We aim to help people around the world to transfer simple textual information without using Email, Chat program or FTP. User registration is optional which promotes better privacy.

Support Filipino developers

SkyPaste was built by a Filipino and we would like to encourage Philippine programmers to build Internet tools and start open-source software projects. Working on open-source software and tools is challenging but it is another way to learn technical skill and create value.

Roadmap Plan

Task/Agenda Deadline
Relaunch SkyPaste.com February 1, 2020
UI enhancement and fixes February 28, 2020
Paste to Wall via Websocket March 2020
Paste File May 2020
Release Binary for those want to do self-hosting June 2020

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